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Bank of Bricks V2

Just after I posted my original design for a modular Lego bank on this Tumblr, I also submitted it to what Lego Ideas (although it was called Lego Cuusoo then). This is a place where you can log in with your twitter or Facebook Account and vote for models created by fans to become actual Lego products.

In the first comments, a lot of people pointed out several issues the model had, that I knew of, but at the time didn’t know how to fix. But over the last weeks I’ve been trying to come up with a different layout that would address some of the issues and through some work, I think, I found the perfect one. The building is now bigger, has much more features and still uses about 400 bricks less.

While the first design was pretty much based on a specific building I now did more research and combined different elements to make it my own design. I won’t point them all out to you, but the most important ones are that the model now has a vault room and skylights.

Unfortunately, due to the perspective, there are – again – two small things that you can’t see in the pictures. The first one is a small office right next to the CCTV monitors. The second one being another ATM machine that is outside, in the backyard.

Remember, you can still vote for it on Lego Ideas.

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